Visit Zimbabwe !!

Visit Zimbabwe

A World of Wonders


Zimbabwe is a song which, once heard, is never forgotten; a mood to suit the needs of any soul, any time; a spell that binds all those who know her. Her voice brings forth many melodies. Welcome to Zimbabwe, a World of Wonders.

In Southern Africa, sitting on a high plateau and covering 390 245km2, is a land rich in diversity ranging from low lying semi desert to lush highlands strewn with forests and lakes in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe enjoys a lovely temperate climate with 365 days of sunshine.

There are many reasons why one should visit Zimbabwe but the ten reasons one should visit Zimbabwe are:

Peace and Tranquility
Safety and Security
Wonderful People and Culture
Rich History and Heritage
The Majestic Victoria Falls
Great Zimbabwe The Grand Medieval Palace
Pristine Wildlife and Nature
The Mystique of the Eastern Highlands
The Mythical Kariba and Mighty Zambezi
Beautiful Weather
The Visit Zimbabwe Campaign aims to propagate the Zimbabwe Destination brand through different avenues. The Visit Zimbabwe Conference and Exhibition will be one of the avenues that will be used to make the UAE market aware of the destination.


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