Welcome to #ZimBho! A celebration of the goodness of our rich and diverse tourism offering, embracing the beauty of our Zimbabwe, iZimYami! Indulge yourself in that travel adventure, a quiet getaway, or a fun business trip, or that luxurious vacation and even that budget road trip! It’s #ZimBho, there is something for everyone! And you don’t always have to be away for long on vacation, it can just be a day trip, all you you’ve got to do is #vakatsha!

Our short story
“ZimBho” is motivated by the street lingo “Bho”, a slang word casually used in everyday language, meaning “good” or showing common understanding. Celebrating the different offerings in our tourism together makes us as Zimbabweans have that common agreement that because of its rich and diverse tourism offerings Zimbabwe is “Bho”, #ZimBho. and should be explored i.e. #vakatsha. “Bho” has evolved from just being “Bho” to “Bho zvekuti” meaning very good, and the latest being “Bholato” which again is a slang way of saying very good. ZimBho also resonates with one saying I am Zimbabwean – I am Zimbo – I am ZimBho, we connect with our motherland in a special way and we pride in it, #iZimYami! And we will explore #vakatsha!

Shanya/Vakatsha Travel Mukando

The Shanya / Vakatsha Travel Mukando focuses on promoting planning, saving and group travel for domestic leisure tourism. This initiative provides an opportunity for groups to plan and travel at affordable competitive rates. Purpose of Mukando is to encourage group traveling for leisure purposes. It also encourages planning and saving for holidays , Mukando helps create memorable experiences as groups and inculcates a culture of travel amongst locals.

How it works? 

People come together as a group, a minimum of 10 participants per group.
• The group then choose a destination of their choice from the participating regions
of Masvingo, Kariba, Eastern Highlands and Victoria Falls.
• Premiums per individual member will be determined by chosen destination.
• Contributions can be weekly, monthly or bi monthly towards the targeted amount.
• When the package cost has been achieved, a payment is then made to the service
• Travel, enjoy creating memorable experiences.


                            Terms and Conditions Apply 

Packages applies on Standard Rooms only
For Kids below the ages 12 sharing with parents;
Pay 50% of adult meal rate
Stay for free if staying with parents in the same room, if taking their own room they pay single room rate applicable
Pay single room rate applicable
Pay 50% on activities
Pay full rate on transfers
Bus transport available on enquiry for minimum of 10paxm from Harare to Vic Falls, Hwange, Kariba ,Masvingo and Nyanga
Packages includes 2% Tourism levy

ZimBho Packages