A momentous visit today!

A momentous visit today!

A Momentous Visit! Today marked an incredible chapter as the 2024 JCI President Kaveen Kumar Kumaravel accompanied by the 2024 JCI Zimbabwe President, Nomalanga Chipare and their dynamic team, paid a visit to the esteemed Zimbabwe Tourism Authority. Heartfelt appreciation resonated through the halls as they extended gratitude for the unwavering support before, during and after the prestigious JCI Africa and Middle East Conference 2023 held in the Majestic Victoria falls.

🤝 Standing at the forefront of this synergy was Josephine Noah, representing ZTA with grace and dedication, standing in for the acting ZTA CEO. The exchange of appreciation was met with a promise for deeper collaborations on the horizon.

🌍 Looking towards the future, an exciting commitment emerged—focusing on collaborative efforts in the realm of recruitment. The vision is clear: engaging the vibrant youth within Zimbabwe Tourism Authority to join the JCI community, empowering them to become active and influential members. It’s not just a partnership; it’s a catalyst for growth, unity, and youth empowerment.

🇿🇼 Zimbabwe Tourism Authority and JCI set forth on a journey of shared goals and mutual support. Stay tuned for the impactful transformations that will unfold as these two entities pave the way for a brighter, more collaborative future.

From left to right :
*2024 JCI Zimbabwe National Executive Vice President -Daniel Chakacha,
*2024 JCI Zimbabwe Shadow the President Personnel 1-Tatenda Cole Chigwada,
*President 2024 JCI President- Kaveen Kumar Kumaravel,
*2024 JCI Zimbabwe President -Nomalanga Chipare,
*ZTA Head of incentive travel & exhibitions Josephine Noah -ZTA ,
*Bridget Shambare -ZTA,
*2024 JCI Zimbabwe National Training Director-Alice Maidei Chingombe
2024 JCI Zimbabwe *Shadow the President Personnel 2- MacDonald K Nyanhi


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