Eastern Highlands-Zimbabwe’s Own Garden of Eden

Eastern Highlands-Zimbabwe’s Own Garden of Eden

For at least three days and 2 nights you have the opportunity to explore the Eastern Highlands the home of Mountains and waterfalls. The landscape, lakes are stocked with trout ready for you to try out your fishing skills.

During your visit don’t miss the Mtarazi Falls which is Zimbabwe’s and one of the world’s highest waterfalls. As you enjoy this adventure one of the places you shouldn’t miss is the Pungwe falls and misty Mount Nyangani. Make sure your cameras are ready and close as you will be experiencing a game drive you may have an encounter with your totem . You only have to pay 5usd entry fee for this experience. Accommodation options varies from budget which caters for 4 people from as low as 45US dollars per night. Comfort ranges from 80us Dollars per night and luxury from 120us Dollars per night.

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