Harare Polytechnic

Harare Polyechnic,

Established in 1926, Harare Polytechnic is the oldest, largest serving institution in the Technical and Vocational Education system of the Ministry of Higher & Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development in Zimbabwe. We offer certificates and diplomas in the following disciplines:
1. Applied Arts
2. Automotive Engineering
3. Commerce
4. Civil Engineering
5. Printing & Graphic Arts
6. Hospitality & Tourism
7. Mechanical & Production Engineering
8. Library & Information Science
9. Information Technology
10. Construction Engineering
11. Electrical Engineering
12. Science Technology
13. Journalism
For inquiries, please contact The Principal on +263712870895 or +263(242) 2918080/81
Email: hararepoly@hrepoly.ac.zw


Dr Mudondo + Sekina Mashona+Alex Tunhai,srwasarira@yahoo.com,+263773741781

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