Shanya/Vakatsha through Mukando Travel Scheme.

Shanya/Vakatsha through Mukando Travel Scheme.

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority is encouraging all locals to have a tourism experience in Zimbabwe. The Authority is introducing Mukando/Stokvel Travel Scheme.Mukando promotes going on holiday through planning, saving and group travel for domestic leisure tourism. The scheme enables people to come together as a group, choose a destination and package of their choice then contribute towards the package cost on a weekly, monthly or bi monthly towards the targeted amount.
When the package cost has been achieved, a payment is then made to the service providers, then the group will travel on agreed dates. We are inviting you all to consider Mukando/Stokvel.Travel, enjoy create memorable experiences!

For more Information on the Mukando travel scheme You can call or send WhatsApp message on +263 779 212 289 or 263 718 238 917. Also send emails to or
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