Tourism News Update: Travel Tips

Tourism News Update: Travel Tips

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority would like to advise our local tourists that our hotels and lodges are operating full time. Book for your holidays and spend quality time with your loved ones and enjoy our wonderful country.

There’s no better way, to explore the wonders of Zimbabwe than a road trip. Road trips are fun, adventurous and create loads of memories for you to cherish for the rest of your life. Planning a road trip can be a huge task, as it requires you to look at all aspects of the trip. As we plan our road trips, here are a few tips to make it epic.

• Research widely about your destination including the weather conditions and what to pack.
• Select accommodation, attractions, and activities you want to do, advance planning is essential for better bargains
• Make your bookings and negotiate rates
• Travel as a group and make it cheaper and fun
• Make stop overs at laybys, stretch and relax taking pictures
• There are so many options to choose from Budget, Comfort and Luxury

For more Information visit the also follow the Domestic Tourism campaign official pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @ZimBho-Official so as to stay up to date with the exciting Domestic tourism information and competitions. You can call on +263 779 212 289

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