Binga Batonga Cultural Village

Binga Batonga Cultural Village

Bringing the Tonga Culture to life. The BaTonga people of Zimbabwe are found in Binga District, the Kariba area, and other parts of Matabeleland. They are mostly subsistence farmers who grow crops such as millet (nzembwe), sorghum (mayila) and they supplement this in a large part with wild plants, animals, and fish. Their crafts and hobbies are pottery, carvings, baskets, and mats crafted by older men and women daily. Pots are made in various sizes for drawing water, cooking, brewing beer, and storing grain and other foods. Married women are expected to respect and cook for their husbands, observe traditional female etiquette such as looking downward and behaving humbly, while men are expected to take care of their wives. Visit Binga Cultural village and Batonga Museum to learn more about the culture. You will also get to visit a crocodile farm and the natural Binga hot springs, seeing elephants and other wild African animals during your stay.

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