Mythical Kariba and Mighty Zambezi

Mythical Kariba and Mighty Zambezi

This is Africa’s largest man-made lake by volume and the world’s largest reservoir. It is 226km long and in some places, it is up to 40 km wide. Lake Kariba provides considerable electric power to both Zambia and Zimbabwe and supports a thriving commercial fishing industry. The sheer size of it makes one forget it’s a dam and in certain places it almost feels like an ocean!



It offers beautiful views, striking sunsets, great fishing and boating opportunities, water sports as well as wonderful relaxing holidays just soaking up the sunshine as the weather here is mostly sunny and fine. It can get quite hot in mid-summer, but even mid-winter days are warm and the nights are pleasant.


The Lake Kariba is located on the Zambezi River, about halfway between the river’s source and mouth, about 800 miles upstream from the Indian Ocean, and lies along the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. This is a must visit destination for those who love fishing as the ecology of Lake Kariba is vibrant. Other thriving wildlife include, crocodile, elephant, hippopotamus and abundant birdlife such as the fish eagle and cormorant.Activities to do around the resort town continue to grow. These range from sunset dinner cruises, parasailing, quad-biking, canoeing, fishing, walking trails, houseboating, camping and the famous tour of Kariba

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