Ultimate Safari Adventure Pack!

Ultimate Safari Adventure Pack!

The northwest region of Zimbabwe, around Lake Kariba is one of the most beautiful in the country.It is famous for its winning combination of excellent safari areas together with pristine waters of the lake. Further along the shores of Lake Kariba lies Matusadonha National Park, one of Zambezi Valley’s wildlife and wilderness treasures. Matusadonha National Park is home to black rhinos and is mostly recognized as having the second largest concentration of Lions in Africa. Matusadonha National Park is accessible by air charter or boat from Lake Kariba. Entrance fee into the park is 12 USD for visitors in SADC region and 15 USD for International visitors.


Manapools National Park is a WORLD HERITAGE SITE based on its pure wilderness and beauty, it is home to a wide range of mammals, over 350 bird species and aquatic wildlife located in the northern part of Zimbabwe. Mana Pools National Park is a haven for wildlife, one of its great features is the Zambezi River which separates Zimbabwe from Zambia. This national park gets its name from the shona word ‘mana’ meaning ‘four’ which is in reference to four large pools formed by the Zambezi River. Entrance fee into the park is 15 USD for visitors in SADC region and 20 USD for International visitors.


An hour’s drive from Victoria Falls, takes you to the largest park in Zimbabwe. At 14,600km2 in size, Hwange National Park is home to the “Presidential Herd” of elephants and the iconic giraffe is a common sighting. It is located on the western side of Zimbabwe between Victoria Falls and Bulawayo. The vast the space the more ideal the way in which to immerse yourself in the authentic spirit of a safari. Get a safari experience in largest National Park in Zimbabwe. Hwange is a blend of semi-desert, forest and open savannah and is home to great herds of elephant, big cats and a myriad of plains game it is one of Zimbabwe’s prime game-viewing destinations.


Deep down in the south eastern lowveld lies Gonarezhou National Park Gonarezhou” meaning “Place of many elephants” is an extremely scenic Park full of rugged and beautiful landscapes. Gonarezhou National Park is part of the Great Limpopo Trans-Frontier Park (GLTP), a massive Pan – African park that includes South Africa’s famed Kruger National Park and Mozambique’s Gaza National Park. Entrance fee into the park is 12 USD for visitors in SADC region and 15 USD for International visitors. A knowledgeable guide makes for an exceptional safari, being on safari takes on a natural rhythm and shape. Going on a safari is an unforgettable adventure. While you will be treated like royalty, true luxury lies in the pristine landscapes, a different kind of silence and an ancient understanding of humankind’s relationship to the land.


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