Domboshava Caves


Domboshawa Caves

Located about 30 km out of Harare, off the Borrowdale/Domboshawa Rd”, the Domboshawa Caves is a must-visit for adults, children, students, artists, photographers and fitness lovers!!! Located in the Chinamora Communal
lands, offering a magnificent 360º view of the surrounding countryside, the historical granite hill is a suitable location for a day-trip for recreational picnics, meditation, sundowners, religious get-aways or quiet walking trails for you or your pets

Attractions include:

  • San Rock Art
  • Geological formations
  • Interpretive centre
  • Natural scenic environments with wooded vegetation
  • Flowing streams and pools

There are safari lodges and various other budget and upmarket lodges and guest houses within the proximity of the attraction in surrounding
neighborhoods for overnighters!!!