Matobo National Park

Matobo National Park

Just another world heritage site among many others in Zimbabwe situated a short distance from Bulawayo, Matobo National Park is the country’s oldest national park. One  of it’s sublime features is the Matopo Hills a series of granite kopjes (rock formations) wooded valleys formed over 2 billion years ago. 

Forty thousand years ago the caves and crevices carved out of these rocks became home to Zimbabwe’s earliest inhabitants, the “San”. Twenty thousand years later “San” artists began painting on the walls of caves and rock shelters, using special pigments and natural minerals that have survived the onslaught of climate and time.

In addition the recreational are includes World’s view , a scenic viewpoint and the burial of Cecil John Rhodes .The wildlife includes leopards both black rhinos and white rhinos. The park overlooks Maleme Dam  where there are excellent camping and picnic spots.


Rhino Tracking 

Bushman Cave Paintings 

Worlds View