Mana Pools National Park

Wildlife Paradise

Mana Pools National Park

Manapools National Park  is a  WORLD HERITAGE SITE based on its pure wilderness and  beauty, It  is home to a wide range of mammals, over 350 bird species  and aquatic wildlife. 

Manapools National Park is rated the 5th best park in Africa by Gateway magazine.It’s home to a great diversity of wildlife , it is an outstanding destination for classic safaris. Visitors drift past crocodile and hippo on a Zambezi canoe safari , while banks are lined with buffalo , elephants, hyenas and other game.The best time for wildlife viewing in Mana Pools National Park is during the Dry season, from June to October. Animals are easier to spot because the dry weather thins the bush and wildlife concentrates around the Zambezi River.



Wilderness Trail

Guided Walking

Unguided Walking

Lion Tracking 



Game Drive 

Walking safaris are offered at full moon. Parks staff will take visitors on a 3 day hike in the wild of ManaPools National Park. Visitors will need to be fit, provide their own rucksacks, food and toiletries. This is a unique experience for the nature lover and those who enjoy the challenge of facing nature one on one. A rare and exclusive activity in a park with dangerous animals like this in Africa. For a guided walking experience  you book a day before at the tourist office, you pay after the walk, and the price is per hour per person.

An activity for the brave at heart unguided walking this is an exclusive for Manapools, clients are allowed to walk without a guide. One would need permit which you pay per day and obtain it at tourist office. For Canoeing adventure you book a day before, at the tourist office, you only pay after the canoeing, the rate is per hour per person. This is one of the major activities in Manapools.Visitors can fish in the Zambezi River and experience the excitement of hooking large fish for the pot. Half of the joy is experiencing the quiet, solitude and beauty of the unspoiled bush around you.